Atlantic Rail is a non-profit organisation.

Terms & Conditions

Liability from Injury

Please note that visitors travelling with Atlantic Rail do so at their own risk. Atlantic Rail will not be held liable for any injury, damage or loss suffered. This includes any injury, damage or loss that can be attributed directly or indirectly to any negligence on the part of Atlantic Rail or any of its employees.

Information on the World Wide Web

We try to keep the information on this web site up to date as possible. However, Atlantic Rail accepts no responsibility for any incorrect information, any losses or inconvenience caused from incorrrect inconvenience or any other liability.


When making a booking, your booking will only be confirmed when Atlantic Rail receives confirmation of the payment. Bookings are alllocated in the order that payments are received, not in the order that the bookings were requested. Therefore it is in your best intrest too to pay as soon as possible. There are limited seats available on the trains and once the seats are filled, other bookings will have to be returned and refunded.

Departure Times

Atlantic rail runs their trains interspersed with traffic of other Rail Operators, and on the tracks of other operators. Therefore Atlaantic Rail is subject to changes and schedules as specified by other entities.

Atlantic Rail is not able to delay departures in order to wait for late passengers. Trains get allocated slots and have to stay in those allocated slots. if we loose a slot, then it is very difficult to fit in with all the other scheduled traffic. Therefore it is imperative that passengers come early on the day of the trip.

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