Atlantic Rail is a non-profit organisation.

How you can help

Operating a steam train is very expensive and we only receive a limited income from the sales of tickets. We would love to restore everything to its original condition, but have to be realistic and focus on the necessities. Therefore some things are not yet restored to the condition that they should be. We firstly focus on safety issues, and then operational requirements.

Our needs are quite diverse, and if someone is able and willing to help with these, we are always most appreciative.

  • Coal - We can use anywhere between four and eight tonnes of coal on weekends, so coal is always a major expense. If anyone can supply us with reasonable quality coal at good prices, we would be most grateful.
  • Upholstery - A lot of the leather benches are worn and help from upholsterers with experience in working with large leather pieces would be helpful. We also need donations of suitable leather hides.
  • Since the coaches are wooden body coaches, much of the coach restoration work requires the help of experienced carriage makers and carpenters. We also need assistance with wood supplies for this restoration.
  • The generator on the train needs a new extractor fan system. If anyone can help with producing a new custom exhaust for the on-board generator, please contact us.
  • Paint - a lot of paint is needed for the restoration of the train. If any company is able to supply suitable paints, we would love to hear from you.
  • Steam Fitters and Boilermakers are always welcome - there is constant work on the locomotive, and unfortunately we are fighting a growing scourge of metal thieves. There have been a few attempts at stripping pipes from the locomotives.
  • Dedicated security is needed for protecting the locomotives and the coaches for reasons stated above.
  • Precision engineering and metalwork is required for the creation of replacement parts for the locomotives and coaches. If a part is worn, we cannot simply call up the manufacturer and order a spare. These have to be made.
  • ... many more - if you know of something that you can contribute for the preservation of the train, please get in contact with Atlantic Rail.If you only have your time to contribute and you would like to do so, please consider joining the Friends of Atlantic Rail (FoAR).
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