Atlantic Rail is a non-profit organisation.

Friends of Atlantic Rail

The mission statement of the Friends of Atlantic Rail is “To provide a voluntary support team and train staff for Atlantic Rail”

Friends of Atlantic Rail (FoAR) is a group for steam enthusiast's in Cape Town wishing to get involved in the operation of the Western Cape's only operational steam train service. The group provides a voluntary support team to the operator, Atlantic Rail. The group provides a work crew for the cleaning and preparation of Atlantic Rail's rolling stock, as well as a train crew for excursion trains. Club meetings are held on a bimonthly basis, whilst work sessions are held on a fortnightly basis over weekends.

Work Sessions

Work Sessions are organised by members of the board on a regular basis. These work sessions are usually held on Sundays on a fortnightly basis, or at other times when required. Attendance is voluntary, and members are free to put in as much time as they are able to.

During these work sessions, cosmetic restoration and light maintenance will be given to the various steam locomotives and coaches of Atlantic Rail, and in preparation for excursion trains, assistance will be given to the footplate crews when required. Assistance will also be given to Atlantic Rail's steam fitter when repairs are required.

Any members wishing to do work at other times, are welcome to do so, provided that prior notice has been given to the Friends of Atlantic Rail Board.

Train Crews

For excursions trains, train crews are required. Friends of Atlantic Rail will provide Coach Controllers as required by the Rail Safety Regulator. Coach Controllers are responsible for assisting passengers board/disembark the train safely, and to maintain safety on the trains.

Training Programmes

Training programmes are planned for the near future. Training will be given to members wishing to become train crews for Atlantic Rail. These will include the positions of Coach Controllers, Train Managers, Firelighters and Firemen. Friends of Atlantic Rail will provide the personnel for these training programmes, and members wishing to partake in these programmes will be required to fulfil certain criteria.

Social Meetings

Social meetings will be held on a bimonthly basis, where members are invited to share their news and stories and discuss railway matters. Visits to various railway locations will also be arranged from time to time.


Membership is open to all persons sharing a common interest in railway preservation, subject to approval by the Friends of Atlantic Rail Board. All members will be required to read and adhere to the Friends of Atlantic Rail Rules and Regulations and Atlantic Rail Safety Documentation. Membership costs R120 per year. All proceeds will go towards the maintenance of the steam locomotive and rolling stock operated by Atlantic Rail.

Contact Information:

Johan van Heerden, Membership Secretary of Friends of Atlantic Rail -

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