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Sunday, 14 February 2016 - Cape Town to Simon's Town (return)
Departs Cape Town:10h30
Arrive Simon's Town:12h20 (approx)
Departs Simon's Town:15h00
Arrive Cape Town:16h50 (approx)
Price:R300 - Adults
R200 - Children (3- 12yrs)

Atlantic Rail will be running a trip from Cape Town to Simon's Town (return) departing Cape Town at 10h30 and later departing Simon's Town at 15h00 for the journey back.

Passengers have approximately 2.5 hours to explore Simon's Town. There is also a shuttle service which can take passengers to restaurants, the harbour etc.

Prices are R300 for Adults and R200 for Children 3 to 12.



Day Trips

If you are looking for something different to do with family, friends or even on your own, why not take a steam train ride on one of the day trips run by Atlantic Rail?

Our train consists of wooden bodied vintage coaches dating from 1922 to 1938. One of the coaches is a lounge car with a full cash bar service. The steam locomotive we use is a Class 16DA steam loco built in 1929.

Class 16DA #879 near Spier Halt - 19 July 2015 - Photo by Peter Rogers

Sit back and enjoy the scenery as the train departs Cape Town, progressing through to Bellville, passing Century City, the Parow Golf Club and sports fields on the Northern line. After Bellville we branch off to Eerste River and run through the most breath taking scenery of farm lands stretching through to the Hottentots Holland mountains passing the Spier Wine farm and the Vredenheim wine Estate.

The train then continue to Stellenbosch station. The Station is just 700m from Dorp Street, which leads into the heart of the old town, with attractions such as 'Oom Samie se Winkel' and some of the finest examples of surviving Georgian architecture in the Cape. There is everything from family restaurants to boutiques, galleries and bistros in Stellenbosch. A shuttle service is also available, and for a nominal fee you can be whisked off to the town square if you do not want to walk into town.

Stellenbosch Station is also extremely interesting for anyone interested in railways as it is one of the last places in South Africa to use semaphore signals. You can watch the Stationmaster working the switches from the lever frame at the main platform just as it was done more than 50 years ago. All signals are controlled by wires and pulleys along the sides of the tracks and driver instructions are given by hand as the train passes through.


During June 2015, Atlantic Rail was notified by the network operator, Metrorail that the line between Fishhoek and Simon's Town was being closed to all rail traffic so that essential maintainance could be done. It was indicated that the line to be re-opened towards the end of August 2015. As a result, Atlantic Rail had to change all trips for this period from the Simon's Town destination to Winelands / Stellenbosch trips.

Sadly, we have now been advised that the Simon's Town line will remain closed until further notice. Metrorail's public notice states that: "The reopening date of this section for safe train operations will depend on the Rail Safety Regulator's instruction".

The re-opening of this railway line is a complex process and Atlantic Rail has no influence on this as we are simply operating on the network operator's lines.

Our thoughts go out to the many businesses in the South Peninsula who are facing the next while with the main road under construction for several months and the railway line closure. Atlantic Rail at least is fortunate to have the possibility of changing the route to the Stellenbosch winelands. We hope that our clients will consider supporting us here, in the same manner as they have supported our Simon's Town trips in the past. Atlantic Rail will resume Simon's Town trips as soon as the line has been re-opened.

Update: It has now been reported in local newspapers and on Social Media that Richard Walker, the Regional Manager of Metrorail in the Western Cape, has confirmed that railway line from Fish Hoek to Simon's Town will be reopened by mid January. See scanned versions below:
The Burger - 15 September 2015
False Bay Echo - 16 September 2015
The Cape Argus (via Facebook) - 16 September 2015

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